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How to purchase Amigo deals?
Once you have reviewed the deals we offered, just click on the Buy Now button before the offer ends. If you see a Sold Out or Too Late button, you have missed the opportunity this time, so keep your eyes out for our next hot deals.
Fill in the appropriate information and after that you will be taken to the confirmation of your eVoucher page, click on Print Now button. If you don’t want to print your eVoucher right away, you can still retrieve the eVoucher in (My Account) or your e-mail anytime to print out and redeem your eVoucher later.

How to redeem Amigo deals?
You will be able to see your Redeemable, Expired, and Used eVouchers when you sign into your account (My Account). From here, you can print out the eVouchers and present it to the featured business for redemption.

What are the basic rules that apply on all Amigo deals?
Besides the specific terms listed for each deal, these are the basic rules that apply to all Amigo deals, unless stated otherwise.

  • Amigo eVouchers cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons, special discounts or special offers.
  • Amigo eVouchers must be redeemed in one (1) visit.
  • Amigo eVouchers are not valid for cash back.
  • All unused eVouchers are not valid after redemption period.

Am I able to buy more than one Amigo deals under the same account?
Yes, you can buy any Amigo deals as a gift to your family and friends as many as you want. Make sure to always review the Terms and Conditions on each deal, as you may only be able to redeem one eVoucher per visit.

What are the accepted payment methods for Amigo?
With the best online payment provider in Malaysia, (521817-M) enable us to process your transactions with credit cards (visa/master) and also transfers from major banks ( Maybank2u, CIMBClicks, RHB Online and etc).

What happens if the featured business closes down before I am able to redeem my purchases?
If you have an eVoucher to a business that has since closed down before you are able to make redemption, let us know and we promise to give you full  money back!

What happens if I changed my mind and no longer want my eVoucher?
In Amigo, we will give you a full refund back to your account if you cancel within the deal featured week. However, if your transaction has been charged from your credit/debit card, you are liable for the cancelation fees. These are applicaple for certain deals only, please refer to the particular deal terms & conditions.

Is there any minimum purchasers for each Amigo deal before it is valid?
In general, there is no minimum number of purchasers required for each deal. You can hit on the Buy Now button anytime without waiting for any deal to be valid! However, there are always a maximum number of purchasers for each deal. Make sure to act fast before it is too late!

Help! I still don’t understand the deal.
Don’t hesitate to call us at 03-21441616 (Mon-Fri, 10am-5pm)
or you can write to us at , our people will be more than happy to serve you.