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ChiangMai & ChiangRai Package

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                                     5 Paxs  / 9 Paxs
CH Hotel 3*/ Star Hotel 3*  Night Market RM888    RM799   Twin room
Porn Ping 3* Night Market/ IBIS Cnx 3*    RM930    RM860                 
Duangtawan/Suriwongse 4* Night Market    RM975    RM905           

Shopping is one of the premier activities in Chiang Mai, where nearly every souvenir product found elsewhere in Thailand is available for sale. The advantage of shopping in Chiang Mai is that visitors may learn about handicrafts production by watching artisans making the products firsthand. Both in the city itself and in several outlying villages, particularly along the Bo Sang-San Kamphaeng road, there are establishments where visitors can purchase handicrafts and works of art directly from the people who produced them. In addition to other goods, Chiang Mai produces parasols, silk and cotton textiles, jewelry, woodcarvings, silverware, celadon, and lacquerware.
For the more casual shopper, the Chiang Mai night market features numerous street stalls and shops, the Sunday Market offers more unique, independently created souvenirs and products, and the indoor, air conditioned Central department store shopping complex on Huay Kaeo Road sells international brand name products.


The Festival of Lights is celebrated all around Thailand with Loi Krathongs (lotus-shaped receptacles) released on water to bring luck and fulfill wishes. In Chiang Mai, the observation of the festival of lights, called Yi Peng, is uniquely different. Instead of water vessel, Chiang Mai people release thousand of lighted lanterns in the sky while making a wish. The sky transforms itself in a wonderful and surreal sea of little lanterns floating away. The spectacle is mesmerizing.The local celebration of Yi Peng in Chiang Mai is a religious ceremony in Thai language paying homage to the Buddha. 

One of the grand Songkran celebrations in Thailand. Participate in the Opening Ceremony of the Songkran Festival 2012 with a wonderful procession around Chiang Mai city. Pour some Thai scented water on a Buddha image and elders, experience the cultural performances and traditions in the Northern style as well as enjoy various food along the streets.

It will soon be the Thai water festival of Songkran, here is some timely advice for visitors. The normally quiet and respectful Thais go a little crazy at Songkran and arm themselves with water guns, hoses and buckets to soak anyone and everyone they see. If you go out on the street for the 3 to 4 days of the festival you most certainly will get wet and perhaps be smeared with white powder. Try to keep your temper and smile. Unlikely as it seems this is part of the ancient tradition of paying respect to elders

  •  If you are a woman bear in mind thin white t shirts and tops can be pretty revealing when wet. Traditionally conservative Thai young men emboldened by the occasion and possibly alcohol can become quite boisterous and may try to touch you. The crowds will jostle and push, you will get soaked and painted with white powder. Remember it is one big party atmosphere, everyone just wants to have fun so take it all in good part.
  • If you take your camera then make sure you also have a plastic bag. Better still, buy a camera that is waterproof. If you must take your mobile phone double wrap it in plastic and secure with elastic bands. Needless to say don't wear your best clothes. Make a photocopy of your passport to take out with you; it is perfectly legal for you to do so and leave all important documents in the hotel safe.
  • If you really do not want to take part in the fun then you will need to get in enough supplies for at least 3 to 4 days. Movies, food, snacks and a good book will keep you entertained. Even then a quick trip to the local restaurant is likely to include a soaking.
  • Shopping malls and movie theatres will all be open all through Songkran. Once again you can guarantee a soaking on the way there and back. A meter taxi or bus may be of some protection but you are an easy target in a tuk tuk